Light up the wielded item - a Minetest mod
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wielded_light mod for Minetest

Idea taken from torches_wieldlight in, but written from scratch and usable for all shining items.


All bright nodes with light value > 2 lighten the player environment if wielded, with value fewer by 2. (Torch 13->11 for example)

Dependencies: none

License: GPL-3

Shining API:

function wielded_light.update_light(pos, light_level) Enable or update the shining at pos with light_level for 0.6 seconds. Can be used in any on_step call to get other entitys shining for example

wielded_light.register_item_light(itemname, light_level) Override or set custom light level to an item. This does not change the item/node definition, just the lighting in this mod.

function wielded_light.update_light_by_item(stack, pos) Update light at pos using item shining settings -from registered item_light or from item definition