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This mod is an asynchrounus tree cutter for minetest. Mine the first tree node from a tree while the sneak key is pressed, then wait till the whole tree is breaked down and in your inventory.



Highlights / Features

  • Lag-free because the work is not done at once. You can observe the woodcutting.
  • You can stop the woodcutting by press sneak key second time
  • You can add additional trees to process by digging other tree nodes manually
  • The distance to the player is used to prefer next node so the player can partially influence the work direction on big areas
  • The auto-mining speed is dependent on wielded tool, so the diamond axe is still advantageously than empty hand
  • All checks and functionalities are processed (like hunger damage and tool wear) as if the player did the mining manually
  • Really nice effect in combination with item_drop mod
  • Does work with all trees in Item group "tree" and "leafdecay" leaves and fruits
  • Simple HUD message about woodcutting process status if active
  • For developers - an enhancement API

Develper notes

The mod does have some settings, hooks and an objects style API for game- or other-mods related enhancements.

(default) Settings

woodcutting.settings = {
	tree_distance = 1,    -- Apply tree nodes with this distance to the queue. 1 means touching tree nodes only
	leaves_distance = 2,  -- do not touch leaves around the not removed trees with this distance
	player_distance = 80, -- Allow cutting tree nodes with this maximum distance away from player
	dig_leaves = true,    -- Dig dacayable leaves after tree node is digged - can be changed trough woodcutting_dig_leaves in minetest.conf
	wear_limit = 65535,   -- Maximum tool wear that allows cutting


woodcutting.settings = {
	on_new_process_hook = function(process) return true end, -- do not start the process if set to nil or return false
	on_step_hook = function(process) return true end,        -- if false is returned finish the process
	on_before_dig_hook = function(process, pos) return true end, -- if false is returned the node is not digged
	on_after_dig_hook = function(process, pos, oldnode) return true end, -- if false is returned do nothing after digging node

Process object

The hooks get an lua-objects in interface that means a lua-table with functions and setting attributes. The methods could be redefined in on_new_process_hook() function. That means it is possible to use different implemntations by different users at the same time.


See (default) Settings

  • process.tree_distance - used in process:add_tree_neighbors(pos) - can be adjusted each step in on_after_dig_hook()
  • process.leaves_distance - used in process:process_leaves(pos) - can be adjusted each step in on_after_dig_hook()
  • process.player_distance - used in process:check_processing_allowed(pos) - can be adjusted each step in on_step_hook()
  • process.dig_leaves - used at end of on_dignode function - can be adjusted each step in on_after_dig_hook()
  • process.wear_limit - used in process:check_processing_allowed(pos) - can be adjusted each step in on_step_hook()


Note:this methods could be redefined in on_new_process_hook, in a different way for each new process

  • process:stop_process() - Finish the process
  • process:add_tree_neighbors(pos) - Add nearly tree nodes to the processing list
  • process:get_delay_time(pos) - Get delay time to dig the node at pos
  • process:check_processing_allowed(pos) - Check if tree cut is allowed at pos
  • process:select_next_tree_node() - Get the next node from processing list
  • process:process_woodcut_step() - Processing step. Should not be redefined - use on_step_hook instead
  • process:woodcut_node(pos, delay) - Cut a tree or leaves node - Should not be redefined - on_before_dig_hook instead
  • process:process_leaves(pos) - Process leaves around the digged pos
  • process:get_hud_message(pos) - Get the HUD message
  • process:show_hud(pos) - Create and update players HUD using the get_hud_messgae() method (HUD is disabled in stop_process)
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