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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os, re, sys, json, time, socket
from threading import Thread, RLock
from flask import Flask, request, send_from_directory
app = Flask(__name__, static_url_path = "")
# Load configuration
app.config.from_pyfile("") # Use example for defaults
if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(app.root_path, "")):
# Views
def index():
return app.send_static_file("index.html")
def list():
# We have to make sure that the list isn't cached,
# since the list isn't really static.
return send_from_directory(app.static_folder, "list.json",
@app.route("/announce", methods=["GET", "POST"])
def announce():
ip = request.remote_addr
if ip.startswith("::ffff:"):
ip = ip[7:]
if ip in app.config["BANNED_IPS"]:
return "Banned (IP).", 403
data = request.values["json"]
if len(data) > 5000:
return "JSON data is too big.", 413
server = json.loads(data)
return "Unable to process JSON data.", 400
if type(server) != dict:
return "JSON data is not an object.", 400
if not "action" in server:
return "Missing action field.", 400
action = server["action"]
if action not in ("start", "update", "delete"):
return "Invalid action field.", 400
if action == "start":
server["uptime"] = 0
server["ip"] = ip
if not "port" in server:
server["port"] = 30000
#### Compatability code ####
# port was sent as a string instead of an integer
elif type(server["port"]) == str:
server["port"] = int(server["port"])
#### End compatability code ####
if "%s/%d" % (server["ip"], server["port"]) in app.config["BANNED_SERVERS"]:
return "Banned (Server).", 403
elif "address" in server and "%s/%d" % (server["address"].lower(), server["port"]) in app.config["BANNED_SERVERS"]:
return "Banned (Server).", 403
elif "address" in server and server["address"].lower() in app.config["BANNED_SERVERS"]:
return "Banned (Server).", 403
old = serverList.get(ip, server["port"])
if action == "delete":
if not old:
return "Server not found.", 500
return "Removed from server list."
elif not checkRequest(server):
return "Invalid JSON data.", 400
if action == "update" and not old:
if app.config["ALLOW_UPDATE_WITHOUT_OLD"]:
old = server
old["start"] = time.time()
old["clients_top"] = 0
old["updates"] = 0
old["total_clients"] = 0
return "Server to update not found.", 500
server["update_time"] = time.time()
server["start"] = time.time() if action == "start" else old["start"]
if "clients_list" in server:
server["clients"] = len(server["clients_list"])
server["clients_top"] = max(server["clients"], old["clients_top"]) if old else server["clients"]
if "url" in server:
url = server["url"]
if not any(url.startswith(p) for p in ["http://", "https://", "//"]):
del server["url"]
# Make sure that startup options are saved
if action == "update":
for field in ("dedicated", "rollback", "mapgen", "privs",
"can_see_far_names", "mods"):
if field in old:
server[field] = old[field]
# Popularity
if old:
server["updates"] = old["updates"] + 1
# This is actually a count of all the client numbers we've received,
# it includes clients that were on in the previous update.
server["total_clients"] = old["total_clients"] + server["clients"]
server["updates"] = 1
server["total_clients"] = server["clients"]
server["pop_v"] = server["total_clients"] / server["updates"]
return "Thanks, your request has been filed.", 202
# Utilities
# Returns ping time in seconds (up), False (down), or None (error).
def serverUp(info):
sock = socket.socket(info[0], info[1], info[2])
# send packet of type ORIGINAL, with no data
# this should prompt the server to assign us a peer id
# [0] u32 protocol_id (PROTOCOL_ID)
# [4] session_t sender_peer_id (PEER_ID_INEXISTENT)
# [6] u8 channel
# [7] u8 type (PACKET_TYPE_ORIGINAL)
buf = b"\x4f\x45\x74\x03\x00\x00\x00\x01"
start = time.time()
# receive reliable packet of type CONTROL, subtype SET_PEER_ID,
# with our assigned peer id as data
# [0] u32 protocol_id (PROTOCOL_ID)
# [4] session_t sender_peer_id
# [6] u8 channel
# [7] u8 type (PACKET_TYPE_RELIABLE)
# [8] u16 seqnum
# [10] u8 type (PACKET_TYPE_CONTROL)
# [11] u8 controltype (CONTROLTYPE_SET_PEER_ID)
# [12] session_t peer_id_new
data = sock.recv(1024)
end = time.time()
if not data:
return False
peer_id = data[12:14]
# send packet of type CONTROL, subtype DISCO,
# to cleanly close our server connection
# [0] u32 protocol_id (PROTOCOL_ID)
# [4] session_t sender_peer_id
# [6] u8 channel
# [7] u8 type (PACKET_TYPE_CONTROL)
# [8] u8 controltype (CONTROLTYPE_DISCO)
buf = b"\x4f\x45\x74\x03" + peer_id + b"\x00\x00\x03"
return end - start
except socket.timeout:
return False
return None
# fieldName: (Required, Type, SubType)
fields = {
"action": (True, "str"),
"address": (False, "str"),
"port": (False, "int"),
"clients": (True, "int"),
"clients_max": (True, "int"),
"uptime": (True, "int"),
"game_time": (True, "int"),
"lag": (False, "float"),
"clients_list": (False, "list", "str"),
"mods": (False, "list", "str"),
"version": (True, "str"),
"proto_min": (False, "int"),
"proto_max": (False, "int"),
"gameid": (True, "str"),
"mapgen": (False, "str"),
"url": (False, "str"),
"privs": (False, "str"),
"name": (True, "str"),
"description": (True, "str"),
# Flags
"creative": (False, "bool"),
"dedicated": (False, "bool"),
"damage": (False, "bool"),
"liquid_finite": (False, "bool"),
"pvp": (False, "bool"),
"password": (False, "bool"),
"rollback": (False, "bool"),
"can_see_far_names": (False, "bool"),
def checkRequest(server):
for name, data in fields.items():
if not name in server:
if data[0]: return False
else: continue
#### Compatibility code ####
# Accept strings in boolean fields but convert it to a
# boolean, because old servers sent some booleans as strings.
if data[1] == "bool" and type(server[name]).__name__ == "str":
server[name] = True if server[name].lower() in ("true", "1") else False
# Accept strings in integer fields but convert it to an
# integer, for interoperability with e.g. minetest.write_json.
if data[1] == "int" and type(server[name]).__name__ == "str":
server[name] = int(server[name])
#### End compatibility code ####
if type(server[name]).__name__ != data[1]:
return False
if len(data) >= 3:
for item in server[name]:
if type(item).__name__ != data[2]:
return False
return True
def finishRequestAsync(server):
th = Thread(name = "ServerListThread",
target = asyncFinishThread,
args = (server,))
def asyncFinishThread(server):
checkAddress = False
if not "address" in server or not server["address"]:
server["address"] = server["ip"]
checkAddress = True
info = socket.getaddrinfo(server["address"],
except socket.gaierror:
app.logger.warning("Unable to get address info for %s." % (server["address"],))
if checkAddress:
addresses = set(data[4][0] for data in info)
if not server["ip"] in addresses:
app.logger.warning("Invalid IP %s for address %s (address valid for %s)."
% (server["ip"], server["address"], addresses))
server["ping"] = serverUp(info[0])
if not server["ping"]:
app.logger.warning("Server %s:%d has no ping."
% (server["address"], server["port"]))
del server["action"]
class ServerList:
def __init__(self):
self.list = []
self.maxServers = 0
self.maxClients = 0
self.lock = RLock()
def getWithIndex(self, ip, port):
with self.lock:
for i, server in enumerate(self.list):
if server["ip"] == ip and server["port"] == port:
return (i, server)
return (None, None)
def get(self, ip, port):
i, server = self.getWithIndex(ip, port)
return server
def remove(self, server):
with self.lock:
def sort(self):
def server_points(server):
points = 0
# 1 per client, but only 1/8 per "guest" client
if "clients_list" in server:
for name in server["clients_list"]:
if re.match(r"[A-Z][a-z]{3,}[1-9][0-9]{2,3}", name):
points += 1/8
points += 1
# Old server (1/4 per client)
points = server["clients"] / 4
# Penalize highly loaded servers to improve player distribution.
# Note: This doesn't just make more than 80% of max players stop
# increasing your points, it can actually reduce your points
# if you have guests.
cap = int(server["clients_max"] * 0.80)
if server["clients"] > cap:
points -= server["clients"] - cap
# 1 per month of age, limited to 8
points += min(8, server["game_time"] / (60*60*24*30))
# 1/2 per average client, limited to 4
points += min(4, server["pop_v"] / 2)
# -8 for unrealistic max_clients
if server["clients_max"] > 200:
points -= 8
# -8 per second of ping over 0.4s
if server["ping"] > 0.4:
points -= (server["ping"] - 0.4) * 8
# Up to -8 for less than an hour of uptime (penalty linearly decreasing)
HOUR_SECS = 60 * 60
uptime = server["uptime"]
if uptime < HOUR_SECS:
points -= ((HOUR_SECS - uptime) / HOUR_SECS) * 8
return points
with self.lock:
self.list.sort(key=server_points, reverse=True)
def purgeOld(self):
with self.lock:
self.list = [server for server in self.list if time.time() <= server["update_time"] + app.config["PURGE_TIME"]]
def load(self):
with self.lock:
with open(os.path.join(app.static_folder, "list.json"), "r") as fd:
data = json.load(fd)
except FileNotFoundError:
if not data:
self.list = data["list"]
self.maxServers = data["total_max"]["servers"]
self.maxClients = data["total_max"]["clients"]
def save(self):
with self.lock:
servers = len(self.list)
clients = 0
for server in self.list:
clients += server["clients"]
self.maxServers = max(servers, self.maxServers)
self.maxClients = max(clients, self.maxClients)
list_path = os.path.join(app.static_folder, "list.json")
with open(list_path + "~", "w") as fd:
"total": {"servers": servers, "clients": clients},
"total_max": {"servers": self.maxServers, "clients": self.maxClients},
"list": self.list
indent = "\t" if app.config["DEBUG"] else None,
separators = (', ', ': ') if app.config["DEBUG"] else (',', ':')
os.replace(list_path + "~", list_path)
def update(self, server):
with self.lock:
i, old = self.getWithIndex(server["ip"], server["port"])
if i is not None:
self.list[i] = server
class PurgeThread(Thread):
def __init__(self):
self.daemon = True
def run(self):
while True:
serverList = ServerList()
if __name__ == "__main__": = app.config["HOST"], port = app.config["PORT"])
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