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Minetest Lua Mainmenu API Reference 5.1.0
The main menu is defined as a formspec by Lua in builtin/mainmenu/
Description of formspec language to show your menu is in lua_api.txt
core.buttonhandler(fields): called when a button is pressed.
^ fields = {name1 = value1, name2 = value2, ...}
^ event: "MenuQuit", "KeyEnter", "ExitButton" or "EditBoxEnter"
The "gamedata" table is read when calling core.start(). It should contain:
playername = <name>,
password = <password>,
address = <IP/adress>,
port = <port>,
selected_world = <index>, -- 0 for client mode
singleplayer = <true/false>,
^ returns path to builtin root
core.create_dir(absolute_path) (possible in async calls)
^ absolute_path to directory to create (needs to be absolute)
^ returns true/false
core.delete_dir(absolute_path) (possible in async calls)
^ absolute_path to directory to delete (needs to be absolute)
^ returns true/false
core.copy_dir(source,destination,keep_soure) (possible in async calls)
^ source folder
^ destination folder
^ keep_source DEFAULT true --> if set to false source is deleted after copying
^ returns true/false
core.extract_zip(zipfile,destination) [unzip within path required]
^ zipfile to extract
^ destination folder to extract to
^ returns true/false
core.download_file(url,target) (possible in async calls)
^ url to download
^ target to store to
^ returns true/false
core.get_version() (possible in async calls)
^ returns current core version
core.sound_play(spec, looped) -> handle
^ spec = SimpleSoundSpec (see lua-api.txt)
^ looped = bool
^ get list of video drivers supported by engine (not all modes are guaranteed to work)
^ returns list of available video drivers' settings name and 'friendly' display name
^ e.g. { {name="opengl", friendly_name="OpenGL"}, {name="software", friendly_name="Software Renderer"} }
^ first element of returned list is guaranteed to be the NULL driver
core.get_mapgen_names([include_hidden=false]) -> table of map generator algorithms
registered in the core (possible in async calls)
core.get_cache_path() -> path of cache
core.get_table_index(tablename) -> index
^ can also handle textlists
core.formspec_escape(string) -> string
^ escapes characters [ ] \ , ; that can not be used in formspecs
core.explode_table_event(string) -> table
^ returns e.g. {type="CHG", row=1, column=2}
^ type: "INV" (no row selected), "CHG" (selected) or "DCL" (double-click)
core.explode_textlist_event(string) -> table
^ returns e.g. {type="CHG", index=1}
^ type: "INV" (no row selected), "CHG" (selected) or "DCL" (double-click)
core.set_background(type, texturepath,[tile],[minsize])
^ type: "background", "overlay", "header" or "footer"
^ tile: tile the image instead of scaling (background only)
^ minsize: minimum tile size, images are scaled to at least this size prior
^ doing tiling (background only)
^ shows a file open dialog
^ formname is base name of dialog response returned in fields
^ -if dialog was accepted "_accepted"
^^ will be added to fieldname containing the path
^ -if dialog was canceled "_cancelled"
^ will be added to fieldname value is set to formname itself
^ returns nil or selected file/folder
^ returns {
density = <screen density 0.75,1.0,2.0,3.0 ... (dpi)>,
display_width = <width of display>,
display_height = <height of display>,
window_width = <current window width>,
window_height = <current window height>
### Content and Packages
Content - an installed mod, modpack, game, or texture pack (txt)
Package - content which is downloadable from the content db, may or may not be installed.
* core.get_modpath() (possible in async calls)
* returns path to global modpath
* core.get_clientmodpath() (possible in async calls)
* returns path to global client-side modpath
* core.get_gamepath() (possible in async calls)
* returns path to global gamepath
* core.get_texturepath() (possible in async calls)
* returns path to default textures
* core.get_game(index)
* returns:
id = <id>,
path = <full path to game>,
gamemods_path = <path>,
name = <name of game>,
menuicon_path = <full path to menuicon>,
author = "author",
addon_mods_paths = {[1] = <path>,},
* core.get_games() -> table of all games in upper format (possible in async calls)
* core.get_content_info(path)
* returns
name = "name of content",
type = "mod" or "modpack" or "game" or "txp",
description = "description",
author = "author",
path = "path/to/content",
depends = {"mod", "names"}, -- mods only
optional_depends = {"mod", "names"}, -- mods only
core.get_favorites(location) -> list of favorites (possible in async calls)
^ location: "local" or "online"
^ returns {
[1] = {
clients = <number of clients/nil>,
clients_max = <maximum number of clients/nil>,
version = <server version/nil>,
password = <true/nil>,
creative = <true/nil>,
damage = <true/nil>,
pvp = <true/nil>,
description = <server description/nil>,
name = <server name/nil>,
address = <address of server/nil>,
port = <port>
core.delete_favorite(id, location) -> success
core.debug(line) (possible in async calls)
^ Always printed to stderr and logfile (print() is redirected here)
core.log(line) (possible in async calls)
core.log(loglevel, line) (possible in async calls)
^ loglevel one of "error", "action", "info", "verbose"
core.settings:set(name, value)
core.settings:get(name) -> string or nil (possible in async calls)
core.settings:set_bool(name, value)
core.settings:get_bool(name) -> bool or nil (possible in async calls)
core.settings:save() -> nil, save all settings to config file
For a complete list of methods of the Settings object see
core.get_worlds() -> list of worlds (possible in async calls)
^ returns {
[1] = {
path = <full path to world>,
name = <name of world>,
gameid = <gameid of world>,
core.create_world(worldname, gameid)
^ returns time with microsecond precision
core.gettext(string) -> string
^ look up the translation of a string in the gettext message catalog
fgettext_ne(string, ...)
^ call core.gettext(string), replace "$1"..."$9" with the given
^ extra arguments and return the result
fgettext(string, ...) -> string
^ same as fgettext_ne(), but calls core.formspec_escape before returning result
core.parse_json(string[, nullvalue]) -> something (possible in async calls)
^ see core.parse_json (lua_api.txt)
dump(obj, dumped={})
^ Return object serialized as a string
^ eg. string:split("a,b", ",") == {"a","b"}
^ eg. string.trim("\n \t\tfoo bar\t ") == "foo bar"
core.is_yes(arg) (possible in async calls)
^ returns whether arg can be interpreted as yes
minetest.encode_base64(string) (possible in async calls)
^ Encodes a string in base64.
minetest.decode_base64(string) (possible in async calls)
^ Decodes a string encoded in base64.
Version compat:
^ returns the minimum supported network protocol version
^ returns the maximum supported network protocol version
^ execute a function asynchronously
^ async_job is a function receiving one parameter and returning one parameter
^ parameters parameter table passed to async_job
^ finished function to be called once async_job has finished
^ the result of async_job is passed to this function
Limitations of Async operations
-No access to global lua variables, don't even try
-Limited set of available functions
e.g. No access to functions modifying menu like core.start,core.close,
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