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Update IrrlichtMt-related stuff in README
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sfan5 committed Jul 31, 2021
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@@ -225,7 +225,8 @@ Run it:
- In that case use `-DIRRLICHT_INCLUDE_DIR=/some/where/irrlicht/include`.
- IrrlichtMt can also be installed somewhere that is not a standard install path.
- In that case use `-DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/path/to/install_prefix`
- The path must be set so that `$(CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH)/lib/cmake/IrrlichtMt` exists.
- The path must be set so that `$(CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH)/lib/cmake/IrrlichtMt` exists
or that `$(CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH)` is the path of an IrrlichtMt build folder.

### CMake options

@@ -275,8 +276,7 @@ Library specific options:
GETTEXT_LIBRARY - Only when building with gettext on Windows; path to libintl.dll.a
GETTEXT_MSGFMT - Only when building with gettext; path to msgfmt/msgfmt.exe
IRRLICHT_DLL - Only on Windows; path to IrrlichtMt.dll
IRRLICHT_INCLUDE_DIR - Directory that contains IrrCompileConfig.h
IRRLICHT_LIBRARY - Path to libIrrlichtMt.a/
IRRLICHT_INCLUDE_DIR - Directory that contains IrrCompileConfig.h (usable for server build only)
LEVELDB_INCLUDE_DIR - Only when building with LevelDB; directory that contains db.h
LEVELDB_LIBRARY - Only when building with LevelDB; path to libleveldb.a/
LEVELDB_DLL - Only when building with LevelDB on Windows; path to libleveldb.dll
@@ -327,7 +327,7 @@ After you successfully built vcpkg you can easily install the required libraries
vcpkg install zlib curl[winssl] openal-soft libvorbis libogg sqlite3 freetype luajit gmp jsoncpp --triplet x64-windows

- **Note that you currently need to build irrlicht on your own**
- **Don't forget about IrrlichtMt.** The easiest way is to clone it to `lib/irrlichtmt` as described in the Linux section.
- `curl` is optional, but required to read the serverlist, `curl[winssl]` is required to use the content store.
- `openal-soft`, `libvorbis` and `libogg` are optional, but required to use sound.
- `freetype` is optional, it allows true-type font rendering.

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