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Particles: Do not send single particles to distant clients (#5760)

Previously, every individual particle on a server is sent to, and rendered by
(even if not actually visible), every client regardless of distance. This
significantly reduces client FPS and creates unnecessary network traffic.
Maximum distance is set by 'max block send distance' as this determines how far
a client is able to see.
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paramat authored and nerzhul committed May 17, 2017
1 parent 287605c commit 0443620c5e699b02f8521ff8da7cff2e89ce4c5a
Showing with 13 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +13 −1 src/server.cpp
@@ -1707,13 +1707,25 @@ void Server::SendSpawnParticle(u16 peer_id, u16 protocol_version,
const struct TileAnimationParams &animation, u8 glow)
static const float radius =
g_settings->getS16("max_block_send_distance") * MAP_BLOCKSIZE * BS;

if (peer_id == PEER_ID_INEXISTENT) {
// This sucks and should be replaced by a better solution in a refactor:
std::vector<u16> clients = m_clients.getClientIDs();

for (std::vector<u16>::iterator i = clients.begin(); i != clients.end(); ++i) {
RemotePlayer *player = m_env->getPlayer(*i);
if (!player)

PlayerSAO *sao = player->getPlayerSAO();
if (!sao)

// Do not send to distant clients
if (sao->getBasePosition().getDistanceFrom(pos * BS) > radius)

SendSpawnParticle(*i, player->protocol_version,
pos, velocity, acceleration,
expirationtime, size, collisiondetection,

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