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Document for api functions that rely on current_modname, that it does…
…n't work when not loading mods
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@@ -439,7 +439,8 @@ the global `minetest.registered_*` tables.
* added to `minetest.registered_schematic` with the key of ``
* if `` is nil, the key is the returned ID
* if the schematic is loaded from a file, is set to the filename
* the current mod path will be prepended to the schematic filename if it is a relative path
* if the function is called when loading the mod, and is a relative path,
* then the current mod path will be prepended to the schematic filename

* `minetest.clear_registered_biomes()`
* clears all biomes currently registered
@@ -1667,7 +1668,7 @@ Helper functions

### Utilities

* `minetest.get_current_modname()`: returns a string
* `minetest.get_current_modname()`: returns the currently loading mod's name, when we are loading a mod
* `minetest.get_modpath(modname)`: returns e.g. `"/home/user/.minetest/usermods/modname"`
* Useful for loading additional `.lua` modules or static data from mod
* `minetest.get_modnames()`: returns a list of installed mods
@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ class ModApiBase {
static Server* getServer(lua_State *L);
static Environment* getEnv(lua_State *L);
static GUIEngine* getGuiEngine(lua_State *L);
// When we are not loading the mod, this function returns "."
static std::string getCurrentModPath(lua_State *L);

// Get an arbitrary subclass of ScriptApiBase

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