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Confirm registration GUI: Remove positional strings to fix Windows bug (

Positional strings don't work on some Windows builds.
Remove server address string, leave player name string present.
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paramat committed Mar 10, 2019
1 parent 431d8a9 commit 0b492f82f77eb121d0c9af66ddf5e86f3ebbc876
Showing 1 changed file with 7 additions and 12 deletions.
@@ -89,23 +89,18 @@ void GUIConfirmRegistration::regenerateGui(v2u32 screensize)
s32 ypos = 30 * s;
std::string address = m_address;
if (address.empty())
address = "localhost";
core::rect<s32> rect2(0, 0, 540 * s, 180 * s);
rect2 += topleft_client + v2s32(30 * s, ypos);
static const std::string info_text_template = strgettext(
"You are about to join the server at %1$s with the "
"name \"%2$s\" for the first time. If you proceed, a "
"new account using your credentials will be created "
"on this server.\n"
"Please retype your password and click Register and "
"Join to confirm account creation or click Cancel to "
"You are about to join this server with the name \"%s\" for the "
"first time.\n"
"If you proceed, a new account using your credentials will be "
"created on this server.\n"
"Please retype your password and click 'Register and Join' to "
"confirm account creation, or click 'Cancel' to abort.");
char info_text_buf[1024];
porting::mt_snprintf(info_text_buf, sizeof(info_text_buf),
info_text_template.c_str(), address.c_str(),
info_text_template.c_str(), m_playername.c_str());

wchar_t *info_text_buf_wide = utf8_to_wide_c(info_text_buf);
gui::IGUIEditBox *e = new gui::intlGUIEditBox(info_text_buf_wide, true,

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