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Lua_api.txt: Various minor improvements (#7560)

Add missing section title for 'Node paramtypes'.
Clarify documentation for schematic Y-slice table.
Document that schematic Y-slice behaviour does not invert for ceiling
schematic decorations.
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paramat committed Jul 16, 2018
1 parent ca8ec46 commit 1aaee5b30d2c28e3256a0c8c3fc3784af91fb21b
Showing with 13 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +13 −8 doc/lua_api.txt
@@ -929,6 +929,8 @@ They are represented by a table:
them for certain automated functions. If you don't use these functions, you can
use them to store arbitrary values.

Node paramtypes
The functions of `param1` and `param2` are determined by certain fields in the
node definition:

@@ -2757,12 +2759,14 @@ Minetest Schematic file (`.mts`) or through raw data supplied through Lua,
in the form of a table. This table specifies the following fields:

* The `size` field is a 3D vector containing the dimensions of the provided
schematic. (required)
* The `yslice_prob` field is a table of {ypos, prob} which sets the `ypos`th
vertical slice of the schematic to have a `prob / 256 * 100` chance of
occurring. (default: 255)
schematic. (required field)
* The `yslice_prob` field is a table of {ypos, prob} slice tables. A slice table
sets the probability of a particular horizontal slice of the schematic being
placed. (optional field)
`ypos` = 0 for the lowest horizontal slice of a schematic.
The default of `prob` is 255.
* The `data` field is a flat table of MapNode tables making up the schematic,
in the order of `[z [y [x]]]`. (required)
in the order of `[z [y [x]]]`. (required field)
Each MapNode table contains:
* `name`: the name of the map node to place (required)
* `prob` (alias `param1`): the probability of this node being placed
@@ -6064,12 +6068,13 @@ Decoration definition (`register_decoration`)
-- ^ by the decoration.
-- ^ "all_floors", "all_ceilings": Instead of placement on the highest
-- ^ surface in a mapchunk the decoration is placed on all floor and/or
-- ^ ceiling surfaces, for example in caves.
-- ^ ceiling surfaces, for example in caves and dungeons.
-- ^ Ceiling decorations act as an inversion of floor decorations so the
-- ^ effect of 'place_offset_y' is inverted.
-- ^ Y-slice probabilities do not function correctly for ceiling
-- ^ schematic decorations as the behaviour is unchanged.
-- ^ If a single decoration registration has both flags the floor and
-- ^ ceiling decorations will be aligned vertically and may sometimes
-- ^ meet to form a column.
-- ^ ceiling decorations will be aligned vertically.

----- Simple-type parameters
decoration = "default:grass",

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