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Use defined evaluation order in profiler
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TurkeyMcMac authored and sfan5 committed Dec 19, 2021
1 parent 49f7d24 commit 1b664dd87084ec8614371ea951791b10533b83c2
Showing with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +3 −2 builtin/profiler/instrumentation.lua
@@ -102,8 +102,9 @@ local function instrument(def)
-- also called
-- Compared to table creation and unpacking it won't lose `nil` returns
-- and is expected to be faster
-- `measure` will be executed after time() and func(...)
return measure(modname, instrument_name, time(), func(...))
-- `measure` will be executed after func(...)
local start = time()
return measure(modname, instrument_name, start, func(...))

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