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Improve set_texture_mod documentation (#10339)

Properly documents the select_x_by_camera values
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karamel59 committed Aug 27, 2020
1 parent d052593 commit 1eaff3dfa4091c638be7a1e9777d35b5f665972c
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@@ -6100,6 +6100,9 @@ object you are working with still exists.
* `set_yaw(radians)`: sets the yaw (heading).
* `get_yaw()`: returns number in radians
* `set_texture_mod(mod)`
* Set a texture modifier to the base texture, for sprites and meshes.
* When calling `set_texture_mod` again, the previous one is discarded.
* `mod` the texture modifier. See [Texture modifiers].
* `get_texture_mod()` returns current texture modifier
* `set_sprite(p, num_frames, framelength, select_x_by_camera)`
* Specifies and starts a sprite animation
@@ -6110,6 +6113,12 @@ object you are working with still exists.
* `framelength`: Time per animated frame in seconds, default: `0.2`
* `select_x_by_camera`: Only for visual = `sprite`. Changes the frame `x`
position according to the view direction. default: `false`.
* First column: subject facing the camera
* Second column: subject looking to the left
* Third column: subject backing the camera
* Fourth column: subject looking to the right
* Fifth column: subject viewed from above
* Sixth column: subject viewed from below
* `get_entity_name()` (**Deprecated**: Will be removed in a future version)
* `get_luaentity()`

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