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Don't call a player event without having player to do a event for
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sapier authored and sapier committed Aug 21, 2014
1 parent a4c987b commit 2a5c88bde167c69b178d6c5ed4d702cadc211ded
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@@ -61,6 +61,9 @@ void ScriptApiEnv::environment_Step(float dtime)
void ScriptApiEnv::player_event(ServerActiveObject* player, std::string type)

if (player == NULL)

// Get minetest.registered_playerevents
lua_getglobal(L, "minetest");
@@ -4580,8 +4580,13 @@ bool Server::hudSetFlags(Player *player, u32 flags, u32 mask) {

SendHUDSetFlags(player->peer_id, flags, mask);
player->hud_flags = flags;

PlayerSAO* playersao = player->getPlayerSAO();

if (playersao == NULL)
return false;

m_script->player_event(playersao, "hud_changed");
return true;

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