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MapgenBasic node resolver: Various fixes
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Add a fallback node for stair_desert_stone to avoid ignore placed
in Minimal subgame desert dungeons.
Don't allow river_water_source to fallback to water_source as river
water needs to be non-renewable and have a short flow range.
Make stair_sandstonebrick fall back to sandstonebrick instead of

Re-order some lines.
Add a comment.
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paramat committed Feb 4, 2017
1 parent 03b34cb commit 2d03cfd
Showing 1 changed file with 7 additions and 5 deletions.
12 changes: 7 additions & 5 deletions src/mapgen.cpp
Original file line number Diff line number Diff line change
Expand Up @@ -587,23 +587,23 @@ MapgenBasic::MapgenBasic(int mapgenid, MapgenParams *params, EmergeManager *emer

//// Look up some commonly used content
c_stone = ndef->getId("mapgen_stone");
c_water_source = ndef->getId("mapgen_water_source");
c_desert_stone = ndef->getId("mapgen_desert_stone");
c_sandstone = ndef->getId("mapgen_sandstone");
c_water_source = ndef->getId("mapgen_water_source");
c_river_water_source = ndef->getId("mapgen_river_water_source");

// Fall back to more basic content if not defined
// river_water_source cannot fallback to water_source because river water
// needs to be non-renewable and have a short flow range.
if (c_desert_stone == CONTENT_IGNORE)
c_desert_stone = c_stone;
if (c_sandstone == CONTENT_IGNORE)
c_sandstone = c_stone;
if (c_river_water_source == CONTENT_IGNORE)
c_river_water_source = c_water_source;

//// Content used for dungeon generation
c_cobble = ndef->getId("mapgen_cobble");
c_stair_cobble = ndef->getId("mapgen_stair_cobble");
c_mossycobble = ndef->getId("mapgen_mossycobble");
c_stair_cobble = ndef->getId("mapgen_stair_cobble");
c_stair_desert_stone = ndef->getId("mapgen_stair_desert_stone");
c_sandstonebrick = ndef->getId("mapgen_sandstonebrick");
c_stair_sandstonebrick = ndef->getId("mapgen_stair_sandstonebrick");
Expand All @@ -613,10 +613,12 @@ MapgenBasic::MapgenBasic(int mapgenid, MapgenParams *params, EmergeManager *emer
c_mossycobble = c_cobble;
if (c_stair_cobble == CONTENT_IGNORE)
c_stair_cobble = c_cobble;
if (c_stair_desert_stone == CONTENT_IGNORE)
c_stair_desert_stone = c_desert_stone;
if (c_sandstonebrick == CONTENT_IGNORE)
c_sandstonebrick = c_sandstone;
if (c_stair_sandstonebrick == CONTENT_IGNORE)
c_stair_sandstonebrick = c_sandstone;
c_stair_sandstonebrick = c_sandstonebrick;

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