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Vector: Add vector.sort(a, b): return box edges
This function returns the box corners of the smallest box
that includes the two given coordinates.
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sofar authored and paramat committed Jan 23, 2017
1 parent d04d8ab commit 2d7a6f2cc0717eb92de4a91326a871d525ce513d
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@@ -138,3 +138,8 @@ function vector.divide(a, b)
z = a.z / b}

function vector.sort(a, b)
return {x = math.min(a.x, b.x), y = math.min(a.y, b.y), z = math.min(a.z, b.z)},
{x = math.max(a.x, b.x), y = math.max(a.y, b.y), z = math.max(a.z, b.z)}
@@ -1850,6 +1850,7 @@ Spatial Vectors
* `vector.round(v)`: returns a vector, each dimension rounded to nearest int
* `vector.apply(v, func)`: returns a vector
* `vector.equals(v1, v2)`: returns a boolean
* `vector.sort(v1, v2)`: returns minp, maxp vectors of the cuboid defined by v1 and v2

For the following functions `x` can be either a vector or a number:

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