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Lua_api.txt: Add documentation of VoxelArea 'ystride', 'zstride' (#9415)
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A helper class for voxel areas.
It can be created via `VoxelArea:new{MinEdge=pmin, MaxEdge=pmax}`.
It can be created via `VoxelArea:new{MinEdge = pmin, MaxEdge = pmax}`.
The coordinates are *inclusive*, like most other things in Minetest.

### Methods
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -3777,6 +3777,28 @@ The coordinates are *inclusive*, like most other things in Minetest.
`[z [y [x]]]`.
* `iterp(minp, maxp)`: same as above, except takes a vector

### Y stride and z stride of a flat array

For a particular position in a voxel area, whose flat array index is known,
it is often useful to know the index of a neighboring or nearby position.
The table below shows the changes of index required for 1 node movements along
the axes in a voxel area:

Movement Change of index
+x +1
-x -1
+y +ystride
-y -ystride
+z +zstride
-z -zstride

If, for example:

local area = VoxelArea:new{MinEdge = emin, MaxEdge = emax}

The values of `ystride` and `zstride` can be obtained using `area.ystride` and

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