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Don't freak out when a client sends multiple TOSERVER_INIT packets; a…

…lso log one thing more.
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celeron55 committed Aug 8, 2013
1 parent 2ed3067 commit 35c5ccfad34417e37ecb76bfb2995e47142b272e
Showing with 11 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +11 −1 src/server.cpp
@@ -1810,7 +1810,15 @@ void Server::ProcessData(u8 *data, u32 datasize, u16 peer_id)
if(datasize < 2+1+PLAYERNAME_SIZE)

verbosestream<<"Server: Got TOSERVER_INIT from "<<addr_s<<std::endl;
// If net_proto_version is set, this client has already been handled
if(getClient(peer_id)->net_proto_version != 0){
verbosestream<<"Server: Ignoring multiple TOSERVER_INITs from "
<<addr_s<<" (peer_id="<<peer_id<<")"<<std::endl;

verbosestream<<"Server: Got TOSERVER_INIT from "<<addr_s<<" (peer_id="

// Do not allow multiple players in simple singleplayer mode.
// This isn't a perfect way to do it, but will suffice for now.
@@ -4651,6 +4659,8 @@ void Server::DenyAccess(u16 peer_id, const std::wstring &reason)

// If there are way too many clients, get rid of denied new ones immediately
if(m_clients.size() > 2 * g_settings->getU16("max_users")){
verbosestream<<"Server: DenyAccess: Too many clients; getting rid of "
<<"peer_id="<<peer_id<<" immediately"<<std::endl;
// Delete peer to stop sending it data
// Delete client also to stop block sends and other stuff

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@Bremaweb Bremaweb commented on 35c5ccf Aug 8, 2013

Is this supposed to help the fail to emerge player issues?

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