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Improve documentation of minetest.get_node_drops()

Also remove the comment saying it could be removed or modified.
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sfan5 committed Mar 26, 2020
1 parent 49a5585 commit 3c0d30964315ad9e2cba2c6ade1260d8b35293da
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@@ -4894,9 +4894,11 @@ Item handling
given `param2` value.
* Returns `nil` if the given `paramtype2` does not contain color
* `minetest.get_node_drops(nodename, toolname)`
* Returns list of item names.
* **Note**: This will be removed or modified in a future version.
* `minetest.get_node_drops(node, toolname)`
* Returns list of itemstrings that are dropped by `node` when dug
with `toolname`.
* `node`: node as table or node name
* `toolname`: name of the tool item (can be `nil`)
* `minetest.get_craft_result(input)`: returns `output, decremented_input`
* `input.method` = `"normal"` or `"cooking"` or `"fuel"`
* `input.width` = for example `3`

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