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Refactor the_game() to make it more understandable and maintainable.

The following is a record of 31 commits before squashing:

Revert "Remove m_ext_ptr in GUIFormSpecMenu, replaced by refcount mechanism"

This reverts commit b49e5cf.

Basic reformatting with astyle
-- additional formatting will be modified, manually, as the need for it is encountered

Start "outlining" what a MinetestApp class might look like

Add MinetestApp::shutdown()

Converted class member functions to camelCase and created protos for new functions

First stage of connect to server done

Add get itemdefs/nodedefs/media code

Init clouds, camera, sky, init GUI, HUD

Input handling

Client events, camera, sound, draw

Fix wield hand getting stuck digging and add debug text back


Added profiler graph back

Fix FPS issue
Need to work out what went wrong and clean up the copy/paste stuff


Rewrote limitFps()
Limited scope of some variables

Jitter calcs

Reduce scope of objects

Move some stuff out of ::run and minor formatting cleanup

Scope reduction

Function splits

Removed old (broken) limitFps()

Added exception handling back

Fixed some formatting

Reverted commented out unit tests (uncommented them)

Slow clouds down on loading and media screens so the behaviour is like the original the_game()

Formatting/style (no functional changes)

Manually reapply upstream b49e5cf: Remove m_ext_ptr in GUIFormSpecMenu, replaced by refcount mechanism

Fixed silly errors on my part
Minor formatting cleanups

Removed strange differentiation in FPS limiting when loading
FPS limiting was done differently if cloud_menu_background was true, which does not make sense

Cleaning up

Add some comments
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Zeno- authored and RealBadAngel committed Oct 31, 2014
1 parent 9e811a9 commit 429ecb2b94a66a11cf06be7303d05aa2038d19d2
Showing with 2,904 additions and 2,484 deletions.
  1. +2,871 −2,460 src/game.cpp
  2. +32 −23 src/game.h
  3. +1 −1 src/main.cpp

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