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Document orientation parameter of set_attach (#6473)

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raymoo authored and nerzhul committed Sep 28, 2017
1 parent 08846cd commit 5258f3b857b289702078241e00fc7fe8aadde180
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@@ -3392,7 +3392,7 @@ This is basically a reference to a C++ `ServerActiveObject`
* `set_attach(parent, bone, position, rotation)`
* `bone`: string
* `position`: `{x=num, y=num, z=num}` (relative)
* `rotation`: `{x=num, y=num, z=num}`
* `rotation`: `{x=num, y=num, z=num}` = Rotation on each axis, in degrees
* `get_attach()`: returns parent, bone, position, rotation or nil if it isn't attached
* `set_detach()`
* `set_bone_position(bone, position, rotation)`

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