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Update credits (#8162)

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rubenwardy authored and paramat committed Feb 16, 2019
1 parent 7a0e52a commit 568540f8e973da7111e0c063c29bb5e7bc80b7ec
Showing with 35 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +35 −9 builtin/mainmenu/tab_credits.lua
@@ -24,23 +24,47 @@ local core_developers = {
"Nathanaël Courant (Nore/Ekdohibs) <>",
"Loic Blot (nerzhul/nrz) <>",
"Auke Kok (sofar) <>",
"rubenwardy <>",
"Krock/SmallJoker <>",
"Lars Hofhansl <>",

local active_contributors = {
"numberZero [Audiovisuals: meshgen]",
"stujones11 [Android UX improvements]",
"red-001 <> [CSM & Menu fixes]",
"Paul Ouellette (pauloue) [Docs, fixes]",
"Dániel Juhász (juhdanad) <> [Audiovisuals: lighting]",
"numberZero [Audiovisuals: meshgen]",
"Lars Hofhansl <> [Occulusion culling, fixes]",
"Hybrid Dog [API]",
"srifqi [Android]",
"Vincent Glize (Dumbeldor) [Cleanups, CSM APIs]",
"Ben Deutsch [Rendering, Fixes, SQLite auth]",
"Wuzzy [Translation, Slippery]",
"ANAND (ClobberXD) [Docs, Fixes]",
"Shara/Ezhh [Docs, Game API]",
"DTA7 [Fixes, mute key]",
"Thomas-S [Disconnected, Formspecs]",
"Raymoo [Tool Capabilities]",
"Elijah Duffy (octacian) [Mainmenu]",
"noob3167 [Fixes]",
"adelcoding1 [Formspecs]",
"adrido [Windows Installer, Formspecs]",
"Rui [Sound Pitch]",
"Jean-Patrick G (kilbith) <> [Audiovisuals]",
"Vincent Glize (Dumbeldor) <> [CSM]",
"bigfoot547 [CSM]",
"Rogier <> [Fixes]",
"Wuzzy [Audiovisuals]",
"Shara/Ezhh [Settings]",
"Esteban (EXio4) [Cleanups]",
"Vaughan Lapsley (vlapsley) [Carpathian mapgen]",
"CoderForTheBetter [Add set_rotation]",
"Quentin Bazin (Unarelith) [Cleanups]",
"Maksim (MoNTE48) [Android]",
"Gaël-de-Sailly [Mapgen, pitch fly]",
"zeuner [Docs, Fixes]",
"ThomasMonroe314 (tre) [Fixes]",
"Rob Blanckaert (basicer) [Fixes]",
"Jozef Behran (osjc) [Fixes]",
"random-geek [Fixes]",
"Pedro Gimeno (pgimeno) [Fixes]",
"lisacvuk [Fixes]",

local previous_core_developers = {
@@ -54,14 +78,14 @@ local previous_core_developers = {
"kahrl <>",
"Ryan Kwolek (kwolekr) <>",

local previous_contributors = {
"Gregory Currie (gregorycu) [optimisation]",
"Diego Martínez (kaeza) <>",
"T4im [Profiler]",
"TeTpaAka [Hand overriding, nametag colors]",
"HybridDog [Fixes]",
"Duane Robertson <> [MGValleys]",
"neoascetic [OS X Fixes]",
"TriBlade9 <> [Audiovisuals]",
@@ -71,6 +95,8 @@ local previous_contributors = {
"matttpt <> [Fixes]",
"Nils Dagsson Moskopp (erlehmann) <> [Minetest Logo]",
"Jeija <> [HTTP, particles]",
"bigfoot547 [CSM]",
"Rogier <> [Fixes]",

local function buildCreditList(source)

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