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Fix a memleak pointed by @Zeno- in MeshUpdateQueue
This leak was introduced when added cache to MeshUpdateQueue and only occurs when leaving world.
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nerzhul committed May 16, 2017
1 parent 1bf9b25 commit 582ee15d8e861efb9cc843963a95c087dae91bcc
Showing 1 changed file with 5 additions and 0 deletions.
@@ -83,6 +83,11 @@ MeshUpdateQueue::~MeshUpdateQueue()
MutexAutoLock lock(m_mutex);

for (std::map<v3s16, CachedMapBlockData *>::iterator i = m_cache.begin();
i != m_cache.end(); ++i) {
delete i->second;

for (std::vector<QueuedMeshUpdate*>::iterator i = m_queue.begin();
i != m_queue.end(); ++i) {
QueuedMeshUpdate *q = *i;

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@Zeno- Zeno- commented on 582ee15 May 16, 2017

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Thanks @nerzhul

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