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Add '@n' escape sequences and some documentation on translated strings.
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Ekdohibs committed Aug 26, 2017
1 parent fc13c00 commit 5a6618cc57097e1e7205ad6b1d967a3ad79d016e
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@@ -704,6 +704,8 @@ function core.translate(textdomain, str, ...)
arg_index = arg_index + 1
return ESCAPE_CHAR .. "F" .. arg[a] .. ESCAPE_CHAR .. "E"
elseif matched == "n" then
return "\n"
return matched
@@ -2199,6 +2199,15 @@ Two functions are provided to translate strings: `minetest.translate` and `minet

this will be displayed as "Laine Rouge" on clients with a French locale.

### Operations on translated strings

The output of `minetest.translate` is a string, with escape sequences adding additional information to that string
so that it can be translated on the different clients. In particular, you can't expect operations like string.length
to work on them like you would expect them to, or string.gsub to work in the expected manner. However, string
concatenation will still work as expected (note that you should only use this for things like formspecs; do not
translate sentences by breaking them into parts; arguments should be used instead), and operations such as
`minetest.colorize` which are only concatenation under the hood as well.

### Translation file format
A translation file has the suffix `.[lang].tr`, where `[lang]` is the language it corresponds to.
The file should be a text file, with the following format:
@@ -2221,6 +2230,7 @@ Strings that need to be translated can contain several escapes, preceded by `@`.
files to avoid begin confused with the `=` separating the original from the translation.
* `@\n` (where the `\n` is a literal newline) acts as a literal newline. As with `@=`, this escape is not required
in strings given to `minetest.translate`, but is in translation files.
* `@n` acts as a literal newline as well.

`minetest` namespace reference
@@ -80,6 +80,8 @@ void Translations::loadTranslation(const std::string &data)
if (i + 1 < wline.length()) {
if (wline[i + 1] == L'=') {
} else if (wline[i + 1] == L'n') {
} else {
word1.put(wline[i + 1]);
@@ -113,6 +115,8 @@ void Translations::loadTranslation(const std::string &data)
if (i + 1 < wline.length()) {
if (wline[i + 1] == L'=') {
} else if (wline[i + 1] == L'n') {
} else {
word2.put(wline[i + 1]);

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