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Fix build on Ubuntu 16.04 and macOS
Apparently the C++ standard library is supposed to provide
specializations of std::hash for enums (even in C++11)
but those don't always work for whatever reason.
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sfan5 committed Jul 12, 2021
1 parent effb535 commit 5c89a0e12a1e679180b14bf92bdcdb1614e3982e
Showing with 6 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +6 −6 src/client/renderingengine.cpp
@@ -557,13 +557,13 @@ void RenderingEngine::draw_scene(video::SColor skycolor, bool show_hud,

const VideoDriverInfo &RenderingEngine::getVideoDriverInfo(irr::video::E_DRIVER_TYPE type)
static const std::unordered_map<irr::video::E_DRIVER_TYPE,VideoDriverInfo> driver_info_map = {
{irr::video::EDT_NULL, {"null", "NULL Driver"}},
{irr::video::EDT_OPENGL, {"opengl", "OpenGL"}},
{irr::video::EDT_OGLES1, {"ogles1", "OpenGL ES1"}},
{irr::video::EDT_OGLES2, {"ogles2", "OpenGL ES2"}},
static const std::unordered_map<int, VideoDriverInfo> driver_info_map = {
{(int)video::EDT_NULL, {"null", "NULL Driver"}},
{(int)video::EDT_OPENGL, {"opengl", "OpenGL"}},
{(int)video::EDT_OGLES1, {"ogles1", "OpenGL ES1"}},
{(int)video::EDT_OGLES2, {"ogles2", "OpenGL ES2"}},

#ifndef __ANDROID__

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