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Add a convention about z_index (#9701)

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Wuzzy2 committed May 2, 2020
1 parent 808eb4c commit 5c96f57782d967010f711c3806fdd18caa6e3e32
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@@ -1310,7 +1310,21 @@ factor!
The `z_index` field specifies the order of HUD elements from back to front.
Lower z-index elements are displayed behind higher z-index elements. Elements
with same z-index are displayed in an arbitrary order. Default 0.
Supports negative values.
Supports negative values. By convention, the following values are recommended:

* -400: Graphical effects, such as vignette
* -300: Name tags, waypoints
* -200: Wieldhand
* -100: Things that block the player's view, e.g. masks
* 0: Default. For standard in-game HUD elements like crosshair, hotbar,
minimap, builtin statbars, etc.
* 100: Temporary text messages or notification icons
* 1000: Full-screen effects such as full-black screen or credits.
This includes effects that cover the entire screen
* Other: If your HUD element doesn't fit into any category, pick a number
between the suggested values

Below are the specific uses for fields in each type; fields not listed for that
type are ignored.

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