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doc/client_lua_api: Clarify how client side api and mods start (#8822)

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Paul m. p. P authored and sfan5 committed Sep 5, 2019
1 parent c9ec1a8 commit 5c97eeabace3256d4f50c9d9c7776fb360c2077c
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@@ -30,6 +30,16 @@ Startup
Mods are loaded during client startup from the mod load paths by running
the `init.lua` scripts in a shared environment.

In order to load client-side mods in a world, the following conditions need to be satisfied:

1) `$path_user/minetest.conf` contains the setting `enable_client_modding = true`

2) The client-side mod located in `$path_user/clientmods/<modname>` is added to
`$path_user/clientmods/mods.conf` as `load_mod_<modname> = true`.

Note: Depending on the remote server's settings, client-side mods might not
be loaded or have limited functionality. See setting `csm_restriction_flags` for reference.

* `RUN_IN_PLACE=1` (Windows release, local build)

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