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Add a warning to the 'chunksize' setting (#7775)

Several users have been causing problems by increasing this value.
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paramat committed Oct 10, 2018
1 parent 0a5e771 commit 5e9a46c7b0bb01d8af6c53bd038680fef8191b1f
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@@ -1838,12 +1838,12 @@ mgvalleys_np_inter_valley_slope (Valley slope) noise_params_2d 0.5, 0.5, (128, 1


# Size of chunks to be generated at once by mapgen, stated in mapblocks (16 nodes).
# Increasing this by 1 almost doubles the 3D noise calculation load.
# High values can cause noise calculation to overload.
# Values smaller than 5 cause a terrain bug in Mapgen V6.
# Since there is a fixed number of large caves and dungeons per
# mapchunk, values other than 5 alter the density of these.
# Size of mapchunks generated by mapgen, stated in mapblocks (16 nodes).
# WARNING!: There is no benefit, and there are several dangers, in
# increasing this value above 5.
# Reducing this value increases cave and dungeon density.
# Altering this value is for special usage, leaving it unchanged is
# recommended.
chunksize (Chunk size) int 5

# Dump the mapgen debug information.

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