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Settingtypes.txt: Rewrite documentation of 'num_emerge_threads' (#8066)

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paramat committed Jan 9, 2019
1 parent 95d4ff6 commit 630c0ea997267447d983fb5c1129c8a2c67c24e4
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@@ -1923,9 +1923,16 @@ emergequeue_limit_diskonly (Limit of emerge queues on disk) int 64
emergequeue_limit_generate (Limit of emerge queues to generate) int 64

# Number of emerge threads to use.
# Make this field blank or 0, or increase this number to use multiple threads.
# On multiprocessor systems, this will improve mapgen speed greatly at the cost
# of slightly buggy caves.
# Empty or 0 value:
# - Automatic selection. The number of emerge threads will be
# - 'number of processors - 2', with a lower limit of 1.
# Any other value:
# - Specifies the number of emerge threads, with a lower limit of 1.
# Warning: Increasing the number of emerge threads increases engine mapgen
# speed, but this may harm game performance by interfering with other
# processes, especially in singleplayer and/or when running Lua code in
# 'on_generated'.
# For many users the optimum setting may be '1'.
num_emerge_threads (Number of emerge threads) int 0

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