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Disable loading .mtl files. Theyre not used anyway.

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RealBadAngel committed Dec 8, 2014
1 parent c5f6656 commit 638f3a8454941d3f561b1834d47fa07a611454a3
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  1. +2 −0 src/game.cpp
@@ -1697,6 +1697,8 @@ bool Game::startup(bool *kill,
driver = device->getVideoDriver();
smgr = device->getSceneManager();

smgr->getParameters()->setAttribute(scene::OBJ_LOADER_IGNORE_MATERIAL_FILES, true);

if (!init(map_dir, address, port, gamespec))
return false;

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@p5yk0g3n3s1s p5yk0g3n3s1s commented on 638f3a8 Dec 8, 2014

Yes! these errors flooded my console. There was a HUGE list.

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