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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
Minetest Lua Modding API Reference 0.4.4
Minetest Lua Modding API Reference 0.4.5
More information at

@@ -372,6 +372,25 @@ A box is defined as:
A box of a regular node would look like:
{-0.5, -0.5, -0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5},

Ore types
These tell in what manner the ore is generated.
All default ores are of the uniformly-distributed scatter type.

- scatter
Randomly chooses a location and generates a cluster of ore.
If noise_params is specified, the ore will be placed if the 3d perlin noise at
that point is greater than the noise_threshhold, giving the ability to create a non-equal
distribution of ore.
- sheet
Creates a sheet of ore in a blob shape according to the 2d perlin noise described by
the noise_params structure. The height of the blob is randomly scattered, with a maximum
height of clust_size. Here, clust_scarcity and clust_num_ores are ignored.
This is essentially an improved version of the so-called "stratus" ore seen in some unofficial mods.
Places ore if there are no more than clust_scarcity number of specified nodes within a Von Neumann
neighborhood of clust_size radius.

Representations of simple things
@@ -844,6 +863,7 @@ minetest.register_tool(name, item definition)
minetest.register_craftitem(name, item definition)
minetest.register_alias(name, convert_to)
minetest.register_ore(ore definition)

Global callback registration functions: (Call these only at load time)
@@ -1669,6 +1689,28 @@ Recipe for register_craft (furnace fuel)
burntime = 1,

Ore definition (register_ore)
ore_type = "scatter" -- See "Ore types"
ore = "default:stone_with_coal",
wherein = "default:stone",
clust_scarcity = 8*8*8,
^ Ore has a 1 out of clust_scarcity chance of spawning in a node
^ This value should be *MUCH* higher than your intuition might tell you!
clust_num_ores = 8,
^ Number of ores in a cluster
clust_size = 3,
^ Size of the bounding box of the cluster
^ In this example, there is a 3x3x3 cluster where 8 out of the 27 nodes are coal ore
height_min = -31000,
height_max = 64,
noise_threshhold = 0.5,
^ If noise is above this threshhold, ore is placed. Not needed for a uniform distribution
noise_params = {offset=0, scale=1, spread={x=100, y=100, z=100}, seed=23, octaves=3, persist=0.70}
^ NoiseParams structure describing the perlin noise used for ore distribution.
^ Needed for sheet ore_type. Omit from scatter ore_type for a uniform ore distribution

Chatcommand definition (register_chatcommand)
params = "<name> <privilege>", -- short parameter description

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