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Nodeupdate: Remove documentation in lua_api.txt

In preparation for nodeupdate being renamed and made official API
in future.
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paramat committed Nov 12, 2016
1 parent 68f5b87 commit 67ec2fa92d7441e0dab0fdc222003e916f3b5efa
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@@ -2286,11 +2286,6 @@ and `minetest.auth_reload` call the authetification handler.
* increase level of leveled node by level, default `level` equals `1`
* if `totallevel > maxlevel`, returns rest (`total-max`)
* can be negative for decreasing
* `nodeupdate_single(pos)`
* causes an unsupported `group:falling_node` node to fall and causes an
unattached `group:attached_node` node to fall.
* does not spread these updates to neighbours
* a helper function, not officially part of the API, but useful

### Inventory
`minetest.get_inventory(location)`: returns an `InvRef`

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