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Remove unused lookup table from noise.cpp

closes #9757
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sfan5 committed Apr 26, 2020
1 parent eca6ee9 commit 68f45fc130341e1b3e7d3207658947324db87d3c
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  1. +0 −5 src/noise.cpp
@@ -46,11 +46,6 @@ typedef float (*Interp3dFxn)(
float v001, float v101, float v011, float v111,
float x, float y, float z);

float cos_lookup[16] = {
1.0f, 0.9238f, 0.7071f, 0.3826f, .0f, -0.3826f, -0.7071f, -0.9238f,
1.0f, -0.9238f, -0.7071f, -0.3826f, .0f, 0.3826f, 0.7071f, 0.9238f

FlagDesc flagdesc_noiseparams[] = {
{"defaults", NOISE_FLAG_DEFAULTS},
{"eased", NOISE_FLAG_EASED},

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