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Improve documentation for player:set_attribute()

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Ezhh authored and rubenwardy committed Nov 25, 2017
1 parent 637ea86 commit 76eb3f2b7ab3a88509d70f3bb936b850d5d83e86
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@@ -3594,7 +3594,7 @@ This is basically a reference to a C++ `ServerActiveObject`
* See Object Properties for more information
* `set_attribute(attribute, value)`:
* Sets an extra attribute with value on player.
* `value` must be a string.
* `value` must be a string, or a number which will be converted to a string.
* If `value` is `nil`, remove attribute from player.
* `get_attribute(attribute)`:
* Returns value (a string) for extra attribute.

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