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lua_api.txt: Refine 'Item types' for 4e2eeee (#7648)

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SmallJoker authored and paramat committed Aug 15, 2018
1 parent 28a3c49 commit 798724efeab2d71da4f041be99de86baa3d3cdd5
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@@ -1365,16 +1365,15 @@ Item types

There are three kinds of items: nodes, tools and craftitems.

* Node: An item that can be placed in the world as a node.
* Tool: An item that can be worn out and repaired, cannot be stacked, and often
digs or deals damage.
* Craftitem: A general purpose item that can be used in crafting recipes, eaten,
dropped, or used on things in the world.
* Node: Can be placed in the world's voxel grid
* Tool: Has a wear property but cannot be stacked. The default use action is to
dig nodes or hit objects according to its tool capabilities.
* Craftitem: Cannot dig nodes or be placed

Amount and wear

All item stacks have an amount between 0 to 65535. It is 1 by
All item stacks have an amount between 0 and 65535. It is 1 by
default. Tool item stacks can not have an amount greater than 1.

Tools use a wear (damage) value ranging from 0 to 65535. The

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