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Add redis options to documentation

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sfan5 committed Jun 29, 2014
1 parent c39992e commit 7f99904eb1e401df757ab35e1cdd93e2f58c620b
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@@ -129,6 +129,7 @@ ENABLE_FREETYPE - Build with Freetype2; Allows using TTF fonts
ENABLE_GETTEXT - Build with Gettext; Allows using translations
ENABLE_GLES - Search for Open GLES headers & libraries and use them
ENABLE_LEVELDB - Build with LevelDB; Enables use of LevelDB, which is much faster than SQLite, as map backend
ENABLE_REDIS - Build with libhiredis; Enables use of redis map backend
ENABLE_SOUND - Build with OpenAL, libogg & libvorbis; in-game Sounds
DISABLE_LUAJIT - Do not search for LuaJIT headers & library
RUN_IN_PLACE - Create a portable install (worlds, settings etc. in current directory)
@@ -157,6 +158,8 @@ IRRLICHT_INCLUDE_DIR - directory that contains IrrCompileConfig.h
IRRLICHT_LIBRARY - path to libIrrlicht.a/
LEVELDB_INCLUDE_DIR - Only when building with LevelDB; directory that contains db.h
LEVELDB_LIBRARY - Only when building with LevelDB; path to libleveldb.a/
REDIS_INCLUDE_DIR - Only when building with redis support; directory that contains hiredis.h
REDIS_LIBRARY - Only when building with redis support; path to libhiredis.a/
LUA_INCLUDE_DIR - Only if you want to use LuaJIT; directory where luajit.h is located
LUA_LIBRARY - Only if you want to use LuaJIT; path to libluajit.a/
MINGWM10_DLL - Only if compiling with MinGW; path to mingwm10.dll

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