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Lua_api.txt: Add chat command params info

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Ezhh authored and paramat committed Jan 13, 2018
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@@ -5156,6 +5156,17 @@ Definition tables
-- Returns boolean success and text output.

Note that in params, use of symbols is as follows:

* `<>` signifies a placeholder to be replaced when the command is used. For example,
when a player name is needed: `<name>`
* `[]` signifies param is optional and not required when the command is used. For
example, if you require param1 but param2 is optional: `<param1> [<param2>]`
* `|` signifies exclusive or. The command requires one param from the options
provided. For example: `<param1> | <param2>`
* `()` signifies grouping. For example, when param1 and param2 are both required,
or only param3 is required: `(<param1> <param2>) | <param3>`

### Detached inventory callbacks


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