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Rename doc/mapformat.txt and update doc to match SRP changes
The documentation file contains not just information about the
map itself, but also about further files inside the world's

Documentation didn't reflect recent SRP addition, now it does.
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est31 committed Sep 13, 2015
1 parent beba969 commit 915807f8db1f3721ad9ffc00a4863ad940010c45
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@@ -41,13 +41,21 @@ auth.txt
Contains authentication data, player per line.
<name>:<password hash>:<privilege1,...>
Format of password hash is <name><password> SHA1'd, in the base64 encoding.

Legacy format (until 0.4.12) of password hash is <name><password> SHA1'd,
in the base64 encoding.

Format (since 0.4.13) of password hash is #1#<salt>#<verifier>, with the parts inside <> encoded in the base64 encoding.
<verifier> is an RFC 5054 compatible SRP-2048-SHA1 verifier
of the given salt, password, and the player's name lowercased.

Example lines:
- Player "celeron55", no password, privileges "interact" and "shout":
- Player "Foo", password "bar", privilege "shout":
- Player "Foo", password "bar", privilege "shout", with a legacy password hash:
- Player "Foo", password "bar", privilege "shout", with an up to date pw hash (yes it is THAT long):
- Player "bar", no password, no privileges:

@@ -204,14 +212,14 @@ algorithm, defined here in Python:

def getBlockAsInteger(p):
return int64(p[2]*16777216 + p[1]*4096 + p[0])

def int64(u):
while u >= 2**63:
u -= 2**64
while u <= -2**63:
u += 2**64
return u

It can be converted the other way by using this code:

def getIntegerAsBlock(i):
@@ -221,7 +229,7 @@ It can be converted the other way by using this code:
i = int((i - y) / 4096)
z = unsignedToSigned(i % 4096, 2048)
return x,y,z

def unsignedToSigned(i, max_positive):
if i < max_positive:
return i

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