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Ores: Make 'absheight' flag non-functional
The 'absheight' flag was added years ago for the floatlands of 'indev'
mapgen (now deleted). The feature mirrored all ore placement around y = 0
to place ores in floatlands.

In MTG we now use dedicated ore registrations for floatlands.

The feature is crude, inflexible, problematic and very rarely used, it
also makes ore vertical range code more complex.
Minetest 0.5 is a good chance to remove the feature.

The flag itself remains to not break flag values.
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paramat committed Jun 26, 2017
1 parent 1237206 commit 936d67d
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Showing 3 changed files with 6 additions and 25 deletions.
7 changes: 1 addition & 6 deletions doc/lua_api.txt
Expand Up @@ -1076,12 +1076,7 @@ Ore attributes
See section "Flag Specifier Format".

Currently supported flags:
`absheight`, `puff_cliffs`, `puff_additive_composition`.

### `absheight`
Also produce this same ore between the height range of `-y_max` and `-y_min`.

Useful for having ore in sky realms without having to duplicate ore entries.
`puff_cliffs`, `puff_additive_composition`.

### `puff_cliffs`
If set, puff ore generation will not taper down large differences in displacement
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19 changes: 4 additions & 15 deletions src/mg_ore.cpp
Expand Up @@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,

FlagDesc flagdesc_ore[] = {
{"absheight", OREFLAG_ABSHEIGHT},
{"absheight", OREFLAG_ABSHEIGHT}, // Non-functional
{"puff_cliffs", OREFLAG_PUFF_CLIFFS},
{"puff_additive_composition", OREFLAG_PUFF_ADDITIVE},
{NULL, 0}
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -87,22 +87,11 @@ void Ore::resolveNodeNames()

size_t Ore::placeOre(Mapgen *mg, u32 blockseed, v3s16 nmin, v3s16 nmax)
int in_range = 0;

in_range |= (nmin.Y <= y_max && nmax.Y >= y_min);
in_range |= (nmin.Y >= -y_max && nmax.Y <= -y_min) << 1;
if (!in_range)
if (!(nmin.Y <= y_max && nmax.Y >= y_min))
return 0;

int actual_ymin, actual_ymax;
if (in_range & ORE_RANGE_MIRROR) {
actual_ymin = MYMAX(nmin.Y, -y_max);
actual_ymax = MYMIN(nmax.Y, -y_min);
} else {
actual_ymin = MYMAX(nmin.Y, y_min);
actual_ymax = MYMIN(nmax.Y, y_max);
int actual_ymin = MYMAX(nmin.Y, y_min);
int actual_ymax = MYMIN(nmax.Y, y_max);
if (clust_size >= actual_ymax - actual_ymin + 1)
return 0;

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5 changes: 1 addition & 4 deletions src/mg_ore.h
Expand Up @@ -32,14 +32,11 @@ class MMVManip;

/////////////////// Ore generation flags

#define OREFLAG_ABSHEIGHT 0x01 // Non-functional but kept to not break flags
#define OREFLAG_USE_NOISE 0x08


enum OreType {
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nerzhul, sfan5 approved and on IRC advised me to re-merge it, no offence meant.

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