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Update biome definition dungeon node documentation (#8650)

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paramat committed Jul 1, 2019
1 parent bb14b7e commit 95371c16e9a7d2d7c264457914eac4926c738ba6
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@@ -6641,7 +6641,9 @@ Used by `minetest.register_biome`.

node_dungeon = "default:cobble",
-- Node used for primary dungeon structure.
-- If absent, dungeon materials fall back to classic behaviour.
-- If absent, dungeon nodes fall back to the 'mapgen_cobble' mapgen
-- alias, if that is also absent, dungeon nodes fall back to the biome
-- 'node_stone'.
-- If present, the following two nodes are also used.

node_dungeon_alt = "default:mossycobble",

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