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[CSM] Add basic HUD manipulation. (#6067)

* [CSM] Add basic HUD manipulation.

Workaround for on_connect not working right now.
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red-001 authored and nerzhul committed Jan 20, 2018
1 parent d45e5da commit 9649e4721467dab348011633c814a63a184bd018
@@ -86,6 +86,8 @@ locale/

## Android build files
@@ -270,6 +270,7 @@ LOCAL_SRC_FILES := \
jni/src/settings.cpp \
jni/src/wieldmesh.cpp \
jni/src/client/clientlauncher.cpp \
jni/src/client/hud.cpp \
jni/src/client/inputhandler.cpp \
jni/src/client/renderingengine.cpp \
jni/src/client/tile.cpp \
@@ -7,15 +7,14 @@ dofile("preview:example.lua")
print("[PREVIEW] shutdown client")

local id = 0
print("[PREVIEW] Player connection completed")
local server_info = core.get_server_info()
print("Server version: " .. server_info.protocol_version)
print("Server ip: " .. server_info.ip)
print("Server address: " .. server_info.address)
print("Server port: " .. server_info.port)

mod_channel = core.mod_channel_join("experimental_preview")

core.after(4, function()
@@ -25,6 +24,19 @@ core.register_on_connect(function()

core.after(1, function()
id = core.localplayer:hud_add({
hud_elem_type = "text",
name = "example",
number = 0xff0000,
position = {x=0, y=1},
offset = {x=8, y=-8},
text = "You are using the preview mod",
scale = {x=200, y=60},
alignment = {x=1, y=-1},

core.register_on_modchannel_message(function(channel, sender, message)
print("[PREVIEW][modchannels] Received message `" .. message .. "` on channel `"
.. channel .. "` from sender `" .. sender .. "`")
@@ -184,3 +196,9 @@ core.register_chatcommand("privs", {
return true, core.privs_to_string(minetest.get_privilege_list())

core.register_chatcommand("text", {
func = function(param)
return core.localplayer:hud_change(id, "text", param)
@@ -1025,6 +1025,17 @@ Methods:
* returns last look vertical angle
* `get_key_pressed()`:
* returns last key typed by the player
* `hud_add(definition)`
* add a HUD element described by HUD def, returns ID number on success and `nil` on failure.
* See [`HUD definition`](#hud-definition-hud_add-hud_get)
* `hud_get(id)`
* returns the [`definition`](#hud-definition-hud_add-hud_get) of the HUD with that ID number or `nil`, if non-existent.
* `hud_remove(id)`
* remove the HUD element of the specified id, returns `true` on success
* `hud_change(id, stat, value)`
* change a value of a previously added HUD element
* element `stat` values: `position`, `name`, `scale`, `text`, `number`, `item`, `dir`
* Returns `true` on success, otherwise returns `nil`

### Settings
An interface to read config files in the format of `minetest.conf`.
@@ -1163,6 +1174,30 @@ Can be obtained via `minetest.get_meta(pos)`.

### HUD Definition (`hud_add`, `hud_get`)
hud_elem_type = "image", -- see HUD element types, default "text"
-- ^ type of HUD element, can be either of "image", "text", "statbar", or "inventory"
position = {x=0.5, y=0.5},
-- ^ Left corner position of element, default `{x=0,y=0}`.
name = "<name>", -- default ""
scale = {x=2, y=2}, -- default {x=0,y=0}
text = "<text>", -- default ""
number = 2, -- default 0
item = 3, -- default 0
-- ^ Selected item in inventory. 0 for no item selected.
direction = 0, -- default 0
-- ^ Direction: 0: left-right, 1: right-left, 2: top-bottom, 3: bottom-top
alignment = {x=0, y=0}, -- default {x=0, y=0}
-- ^ See "HUD Element Types"
offset = {x=0, y=0}, -- default {x=0, y=0}
-- ^ See "HUD Element Types"
size = { x=100, y=100 }, -- default {x=0, y=0}
-- ^ Size of element in pixels

Escape sequences
Most text can contain escape sequences, that can for example color the text.
@@ -1206,3 +1241,80 @@ value must (always) be two hexadecimal digits.
`{a = alpha, r = red, g = green, b = blue}` defines an ARGB8 color.

HUD element types
The position field is used for all element types.

To account for differing resolutions, the position coordinates are the percentage
of the screen, ranging in value from `0` to `1`.

The name field is not yet used, but should contain a description of what the
HUD element represents. The direction field is the direction in which something
is drawn.

`0` draws from left to right, `1` draws from right to left, `2` draws from
top to bottom, and `3` draws from bottom to top.

The `alignment` field specifies how the item will be aligned. It ranges from `-1` to `1`,
with `0` being the center, `-1` is moved to the left/up, and `1` is to the right/down.
Fractional values can be used.

The `offset` field specifies a pixel offset from the position. Contrary to position,
the offset is not scaled to screen size. This allows for some precisely-positioned
items in the HUD.

**Note**: `offset` _will_ adapt to screen DPI as well as user defined scaling factor!

Below are the specific uses for fields in each type; fields not listed for that type are ignored.

**Note**: Future revisions to the HUD API may be incompatible; the HUD API is still
in the experimental stages.

### `image`
Displays an image on the HUD.

* `scale`: The scale of the image, with 1 being the original texture size.
Only the X coordinate scale is used (positive values).
Negative values represent that percentage of the screen it
should take; e.g. `x=-100` means 100% (width).
* `text`: The name of the texture that is displayed.
* `alignment`: The alignment of the image.
* `offset`: offset in pixels from position.

### `text`
Displays text on the HUD.

* `scale`: Defines the bounding rectangle of the text.
A value such as `{x=100, y=100}` should work.
* `text`: The text to be displayed in the HUD element.
* `number`: An integer containing the RGB value of the color used to draw the text.
Specify `0xFFFFFF` for white text, `0xFF0000` for red, and so on.
* `alignment`: The alignment of the text.
* `offset`: offset in pixels from position.

### `statbar`
Displays a horizontal bar made up of half-images.

* `text`: The name of the texture that is used.
* `number`: The number of half-textures that are displayed.
If odd, will end with a vertically center-split texture.
* `direction`
* `offset`: offset in pixels from position.
* `size`: If used, will force full-image size to this value (override texture pack image size)

### `inventory`
* `text`: The name of the inventory list to be displayed.
* `number`: Number of items in the inventory to be displayed.
* `item`: Position of item that is selected.
* `direction`
* `offset`: offset in pixels from position.

### `waypoint`
Displays distance to selected world position.

* `name`: The name of the waypoint.
* `text`: Distance suffix. Can be blank.
* `number:` An integer containing the RGB value of the color used to draw the text.
* `world_pos`: World position of the waypoint.

@@ -448,6 +448,7 @@ set(common_SRCS
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
#include "gamedef.h"
#include "inventorymanager.h"
#include "localplayer.h"
#include "hud.h"
#include "client/hud.h"
#include "particles.h"
#include "mapnode.h"
#include "tileanimation.h"
@@ -554,6 +554,10 @@ class Client : public con::PeerHandler, public InventoryManager, public IGameDef
// And relations to objects
std::unordered_map<int, u16> m_sounds_to_objects;

// HUD
// Mapping from server hud ids to internal hud ids
std::unordered_map<u32, u32> m_hud_server_to_client;

// Privileges
std::unordered_set<std::string> m_privileges;

@@ -13,5 +13,6 @@ set(client_SRCS

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