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Clarify docs regarding pointed_thing and get_pointed_thing_position (#…
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linewriter1024 authored and SmallJoker committed Aug 30, 2019
1 parent 4291961 commit 99ca72e9dfb889c68389fb93cff98715c9821950
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@@ -1325,6 +1325,9 @@ For helper functions see [Spatial Vectors].

* `{type="nothing"}`
* `{type="node", under=pos, above=pos}`
* Indicates a pointed node selection box.
* `under` refers to the node position behind the pointed face.
* `above` refers to the node position in front of the pointed face.
* `{type="object", ref=ObjectRef}`

Exact pointing location (currently only `Raycast` supports these fields):
@@ -4543,7 +4546,10 @@ Item handling
* `minetest.inventorycube(img1, img2, img3)`
* Returns a string for making an image of a cube (useful as an item image)
* `minetest.get_pointed_thing_position(pointed_thing, above)`
* Get position of a `pointed_thing` (that you can get from somewhere)
* Returns the position of a `pointed_thing` or `nil` if the `pointed_thing`
does not refer to a node or entity.
* If the optional `above` parameter is true and the `pointed_thing` refers
to a node, then it will return the `above` position of the `pointed_thing`.
* `minetest.dir_to_facedir(dir, is6d)`
* Convert a vector to a facedir value, used in `param2` for

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