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lua_api.txt: add blank lines before * lists

If rendered as markdown, lists need a blank line before them
so that they are recognized as such.
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est31 committed Dec 7, 2015
1 parent 49073ba commit 9a5a538e8d1981fb3c2dd69ca3d37e4f9c426cf5
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@@ -1305,10 +1305,12 @@ mentioned in "Nodes". However, it is possible to insert extra data into a
node. It is called "node metadata"; See "`NodeMetaRef`".

Metadata contains two things:

* A key-value store
* An inventory

Some of the values in the key-value store are handled specially:

* `formspec`: Defines a right-click inventory menu. See "Formspec".
* `infotext`: Text shown on the screen when the node is pointed at

@@ -2938,6 +2940,7 @@ core.CONTENT_IGNORE (ID for "ignore" nodes)
Inside of `on_generated()` callbacks, it is possible to retrieve the same VoxelManip object used by the
core's Map Generator (commonly abbreviated Mapgen). Most of the rules previously described still apply
but with a few differences:

* The Mapgen VoxelManip object is retrieved using: `minetest.get_mapgen_object("voxelmanip")`
* This VoxelManip object already has the region of map just generated loaded into it; it's not necessary
to call `VoxelManip:read_from_map()` before using a Mapgen VoxelManip.

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