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4. [Configuration File](#configuration-file)
5. [Command-line Options](#command-line-options)
6. [Compiling](#compiling)
7. [Version Scheme](#version-scheme)
7. [Docker](#docker)
8. [Version Scheme](#version-scheme)

Further documentation
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Open the generated Project file with VS. Right click "PACKAGE" and choose "Generate".
It may take some minutes to generate the installer.

We provide Minetest server docker images using the Gitlab mirror registry.

Images are built on each commit and available using the following tag scheme:

* `` (latest build)
* `<branch/tag>` (current branch or current tag)
* `<commit-id>` (current commit id)

If you want to test it on a docker server, you can easily run:

sudo docker run<docker tag>

If you want to use it in a production environment you should use volumes bound to the docker host
to persist data and modify the configuration:

sudo docker create -v /home/minetest/data/:/var/lib/minetest/ -v /home/minetest/conf/:/etc/minetest/

Data will be written to `/home/minetest/data` on the host, and configuration will be read from `/home/minetest/conf/minetest.conf`.

Note: If you don't understand the previous commands, please read the official Docker documentation before use.

Version scheme
We use `major.minor.patch` since 5.0.0-dev. Prior to that we used `0.major.minor`.
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