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Actually document what minetest.is_protected should do

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est31 committed Aug 2, 2015
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@@ -2300,6 +2300,9 @@ These functions return the leftover itemstack.
* currently supported.
* `...` indicates method-specific arguments. Currently, no methods use this.
* `minetest.is_protected(pos, name)`: returns boolean
* Returns true, if player `name` shouldn't be abled to dig at `pos` or do other
actions, defineable by mods, due to some mod-defined ownership-like concept.
Returns false or nil, if the player is allowed to do such actions.
* This function should be overridden by protection mods and should be used to
check if a player can interact at a position.
* This function should call the old version of itself if the position is not

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