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Light calculation: New bulk node lighting code
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This commit introduces a new bulk node lighting algorithm to minimize
lighting bugs during l-system tree generation, schematic placement and
non-mapgen-object lua voxelmanip light calculation.

If the block above the changed area is not loaded, it gets loaded to avoid
lighting bugs.
Light is updated as soon as write_to_map is called on a voxel manipulator,
therefore update_map does nothing.
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juhdanad authored and paramat committed Mar 11, 2017
1 parent d785456 commit ab371cc
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9 changes: 1 addition & 8 deletions doc/lua_api.txt
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Expand Up @@ -3282,9 +3282,6 @@ format as produced by get_data() et al. and is *not required* to be a table retr
Once the internal VoxelManip state has been modified to your liking, the changes can be committed back
to the map by calling `VoxelManip:write_to_map()`.

Finally, a call to `VoxelManip:update_map()` is required to re-calculate lighting and set the blocks
as being modified so that connected clients are sent the updated parts of map.

##### Flat array format
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -3349,8 +3346,6 @@ but with a few differences:
will also update the Mapgen VoxelManip object's internal state active on the current thread.
* After modifying the Mapgen VoxelManip object's internal buffer, it may be necessary to update lighting
information using either: `VoxelManip:calc_lighting()` or `VoxelManip:set_lighting()`.
* `VoxelManip:update_map()` does not need to be called after `write_to_map()`. The map update is performed
automatically after all on_generated callbacks have been run for that generated block.

##### Other API functions operating on a VoxelManip
If any VoxelManip contents were set to a liquid node, `VoxelManip:update_liquids()` must be called
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -3393,9 +3388,7 @@ will place the schematic inside of the VoxelManip.
* returns raw node data in the form of an array of node content IDs
* if the param `buffer` is present, this table will be used to store the result instead
* `set_data(data)`: Sets the data contents of the `VoxelManip` object
* `update_map()`: Update map after writing chunk back to map.
* To be used only by `VoxelManip` objects created by the mod itself;
not a `VoxelManip` that was retrieved from `minetest.get_mapgen_object`
* `update_map()`: Does nothing, kept for compatibility.
* `set_lighting(light, [p1, p2])`: Set the lighting within the `VoxelManip` to a uniform value
* `light` is a table, `{day=<0...15>, night=<0...15>}`
* To be used only by a `VoxelManip` object from `minetest.get_mapgen_object`
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