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fix missing parameters in some mentions of entity callbacks

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raymoo authored and kwolekr committed Sep 8, 2016
1 parent 403dada commit af4b63ff21ef03bb21ebbc023b84f1e54c172008
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  1. +5 −3 doc/lua_api.txt
@@ -3329,13 +3329,15 @@ Registered entities
* It has the member `.object`, which is an `ObjectRef` pointing to the object
* The original prototype stuff is visible directly via a metatable
* Callbacks:
* `on_activate(self, staticdata)`
* `on_activate(self, staticdata, dtime_s)`
* Called when the object is instantiated.
* `dtime_s` is the time passed since the object was unloaded, which can
be used for updating the entity state.
* `on_step(self, dtime)`
* Called on every server tick, after movement and collision processing.
`dtime` is usually 0.1 seconds, as per the `dedicated_server_step` setting
`in minetest.conf`.
* `on_punch(self, puncher, time_from_last_punch, tool_capabilities, dir`
* `on_punch(self, puncher, time_from_last_punch, tool_capabilities, dir)`
* Called when somebody punches the object.
* Note that you probably want to handle most punches using the
automatic armor group system.
@@ -3463,7 +3465,7 @@ Definition tables

on_activate = function(self, staticdata, dtime_s),
on_step = function(self, dtime),
on_punch = function(self, hitter),
on_punch = function(self, puncher, time_from_last_punch, tool_capabilities, dir),
on_rightclick = function(self, clicker),
get_staticdata = function(self),
-- ^ Called sometimes; the string returned is passed to on_activate when

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