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Fix unnecessary exception use in 3 more methods (#8791)

* Fix unnecessary exception use in Server::SendBlocks

The code in this method calls getBlockNoCreate and then
messes around with try...catch to skip blocks which are not
in the memory. Additionally, it repeatedly calls
m_env.getMap() inside this loop. Speed the code up by
extracting the m_env.getMap() out of the loop and getting
rid of the try...catch.

* Fix unnecessary exception use in Server::SendBlock

Another unnecessary try...catch is slowing down
Server::SendBlock. Remove that to speed it up and get a nice
side effect of simplifying the code in question.

* Fix unnecessary exception use in MMVManip::initialEmerge

Remove another unneeded exception usage from
MMVManip::initialEmerge to speed that code up and simplify
it but be careful to not remove the braces as there is a
TimeTaker in use there.
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osjc authored and SmallJoker committed Aug 13, 2019
1 parent 72b7a95 commit bf22184d6e16f21b9001322aad1bf8f6dbaa372b
Showing with 7 additions and 16 deletions.
  1. +2 −7 src/map.cpp
  2. +5 −9 src/server.cpp
@@ -2214,20 +2214,15 @@ void MMVManip::initialEmerge(v3s16 blockpos_min, v3s16 blockpos_max,

bool block_data_inexistent = false;
TimeTaker timer2("emerge load", &emerge_load_time);

block = m_map->getBlockNoCreate(p);
block = m_map->getBlockNoCreateNoEx(p);
if (!block || block->isDummy())
block_data_inexistent = true;
catch(InvalidPositionException &e)
block_data_inexistent = true;

@@ -2287,16 +2287,15 @@ void Server::SendBlocks(float dtime)
g_settings->getU32("max_simultaneous_block_sends_per_client") / 4 + 1;

ScopeProfiler sp(g_profiler, "Server::SendBlocks(): Send to clients");
Map &map = m_env->getMap();

for (const PrioritySortedBlockTransfer &block_to_send : queue) {
if (total_sending >= max_blocks_to_send)

MapBlock *block = nullptr;
try {
block = m_env->getMap().getBlockNoCreate(block_to_send.pos);
} catch (const InvalidPositionException &e) {
MapBlock *block = map.getBlockNoCreateNoEx(block_to_send.pos);
if (!block)

RemoteClient *client = m_clients.lockedGetClientNoEx(block_to_send.peer_id,
@@ -2314,10 +2313,7 @@ void Server::SendBlocks(float dtime)

bool Server::SendBlock(session_t peer_id, const v3s16 &blockpos)
MapBlock *block = nullptr;
try {
block = m_env->getMap().getBlockNoCreate(blockpos);
} catch (InvalidPositionException &e) {};
MapBlock *block = m_env->getMap().getBlockNoCreateNoEx(blockpos);
if (!block)
return false;

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