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Allow to select en as language in settings menu (#9604)

fixes #9599
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Desour committed Apr 8, 2020
1 parent d6ad587 commit c1742b0901a0271b0d86b02b1f52c3428c0af291
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 builtin/settingtypes.txt
@@ -1373,7 +1373,7 @@ name (Player name) string

# Set the language. Leave empty to use the system language.
# A restart is required after changing this.
language (Language) enum ,ar,ca,cs,da,de,dv,el,eo,es,et,eu,fil,fr,hu,id,it,ja,ja_KS,jbo,kk,kn,lo,lt,ms,my,nb,nl,nn,pl,pt,pt_BR,ro,ru,sl,sr_Cyrl,sv,sw,th,tr,uk,vi
language (Language) enum ,ar,ca,cs,da,de,dv,el,en,eo,es,et,eu,fil,fr,hu,id,it,ja,ja_KS,jbo,kk,kn,lo,lt,ms,my,nb,nl,nn,pl,pt,pt_BR,ro,ru,sl,sr_Cyrl,sv,sw,th,tr,uk,vi

# Level of logging to be written to debug.txt:
# - <nothing> (no logging)

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