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Decoration: Add Schematic decoration type
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kwolekr committed Jun 22, 2013
1 parent b1a74df commit c1b829077a3518f3a129eee11887b2358a53f20b
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@@ -421,6 +421,32 @@ The default value is simple, and is currently the only type supported.
for example. Can also generate a decoration of random height between a specified lower and
upper bound. This type of decoration is intended for placement of grass, flowers, cacti,
papyrus, and so on.
- schematic
Copies a box of MapNodes from a specified schematic file (or raw description). Can specify a
probability of a node randomly appearing when placed. This decoration type is intended to be used
for multi-node sized discrete structures, such as trees, cave spikes, rocks, and so on.

Schematic specifier
A schematic specifier identifies a schematic by either a filename to a Minetest Schematic file (.mts)
or through raw data supplied through Lua, in the form of a table. This table must specify two fields:
- The 'size' field is a 3d vector containing the dimensions of the provided schematic.
- The 'data' field is a flat table of MapNodes making up the schematic, in the order of [z [y [x]]].
In the bulk MapNode data, param1, instead of the typical light values, instead represents the
probability of that node appearing in the structure. It is an integer with a value from 0-255; 0 means
that node will always appear. If the probability value p is non-zero, then there is a
(p / 256 * 100)% chance that node will appear when the schematic is placed on the map.
Important note: Node aliases cannot be used for a raw schematic provided when registering as a decoration.

Schematic attributes
Currently supported flags: place_center_x, place_center_y, place_center_z
- place_center_x
Placement of this decoration is centered along the X axis.
- place_center_y
Placement of this decoration is centered along the Y axis.
- place_center_z
Placement of this decoration is centered along the Z axis.

HUD element types
@@ -1018,6 +1044,7 @@ minetest.setting_get(name) -> string or nil
minetest.setting_getbool(name) -> boolean value or nil
minetest.setting_get_pos(name) -> position or nil
minetest.setting_save() -> nil, save all settings to config file

@@ -1248,6 +1275,21 @@ minetest.delete_particlespawner(id, player)
^ If playername is specified, only deletes on the player's client,
^ otherwise on all clients

minetest.create_schematic(p1, p2, probability_list, filename)
^ Create a schematic from the volume of map specified by the box formed by p1 and p2.
^ Apply the specified probability values to the specified nodes in probability_list.
^ probability_list is an array of tables containing two fields, pos and prob.
^ pos is the 3d vector specifying the absolute coordinates of the node being modified,
^ and prob is the integer value from 0 to 255 of the probability (see: Schematic specifier).
^ If there are two or more entries with the same pos value, the last occuring in the array is used.
^ If pos is not inside the box formed by p1 and p2, it is ignored.
^ If probability_list is nil, no probabilities are applied.
^ Saves schematic in the Minetest Schematic format to filename.

minetest.place_schematic(pos, schematic)
^ Place the schematic specified by schematic (see: Schematic specifier) at pos.

minetest.get_connected_players() -> list of ObjectRefs
minetest.hash_node_position({x=,y=,z=}) -> 48-bit integer
@@ -1292,6 +1334,15 @@ minetest.object_refs
^ List of lua entities, indexed by active object id

Deprecated but defined for backwards compatibility:

Class reference
NodeMetaRef: Node metadata - reference extra data and functionality stored
@@ -1700,7 +1751,6 @@ Node definition (register_node)
liquid_alternative_source = "", -- Source version of flowing liquid
liquid_viscosity = 0, -- Higher viscosity = slower flow (max. 7)
liquid_renewable = true, -- Can new liquid source be created by placing
drowning = true, -- Player will drown in these

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Zeg9 Jun 22, 2013



two or more sources nearly?
light_source = 0, -- Amount of light emitted by node
damage_per_second = 0, -- If player is inside node, this damage is caused
@@ -1894,6 +1944,16 @@ Decoration definition (register_decoration)
num_spawn_by = 1,
^ Number of spawn_by nodes that must be surrounding the decoration position to occur.
^ If absent or -1, decorations occur next to any nodes.

----- Schematic-type parameters
schematic = "foobar.mts",
^ If schematic is a string, it is the filepath relative to the current working directory of the
^ specified Minetest schematic file.
^ - OR -, could instead be a table containing two fields, size and data:
schematic = {size = {x=4, y=6, z=4}, data = { {"cobble", 0, 0}, {"dirt_with_grass", 0, 0}, ...}},
^ See 'Schematic specifier' for details.
flags = "place_center_x, place_center_z",
^ Flags for schematic decorations. See 'Schematic attributes'.

Chatcommand definition (register_chatcommand)

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