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Document hpchange callback ordering thing (#3981)

Document hpchange callback ordering thing

Callbacks registered by register_on_player_hpchange are ordered so that non-modifiers are called after modifiers are called. Credit to @TeTpaAka who mentioned this previously-undocumented feature in #3799.

See also commit

aa13baa "Add minetest.register_on_player_hpchange"
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raymoo authored and est31 committed Apr 10, 2016
1 parent af799d4 commit c566a8f2de162fa985aca53647efdc82a82c2d29
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@@ -1870,6 +1870,7 @@ Call these functions only at load time!
* `modifier`: when true, the function should return the actual hp_change.
Note: modifiers only get a temporary hp_change that can be modified by later modifiers.
modifiers can return true as a second argument to stop the execution of further functions.
Non-modifiers receive the final hp change calculated by the modifiers.
* `minetest.register_on_respawnplayer(func(ObjectRef))`
* Called when player is to be respawned
* Called _before_ repositioning of player occurs

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