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Add on_flood() callback.
This callback is called if a liquid definitely floods a non-air
node on the map. The callback arguments are (pos, oldnode, newnode)
and can return a `bool` value indicating whether flooding the
node should be cancelled (`return true` will prevent the node
from flooding).

Documentation is added, the callback function was tested with a
modified minetest_game.

Note that `return true` will likely cause the node's `on_flood()`
callback to be called every second until the node gets removed,
so care must be taken to prevent many callbacks from using this
return value. The current default liquid update interval is 1.0
seconds, which isn't unmanageable.

The larger aim of this patch is to remove the lava cooling ABM,
which is a significant cost to idle servers that have lava on their
map. This callback will be much more efficient.
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sofar authored and paramat committed Apr 22, 2017
1 parent 8464da7 commit cca58fe0fd1aac4246a23e1fc4f8469bdd280c6d
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Showing 6 changed files with 43 additions and 3 deletions.
@@ -4002,6 +4002,13 @@ Definition tables
^ Node destructor; called after removing node
^ Not called for bulk node placement (i.e. schematics and VoxelManip)
^ default: nil ]]
on_flood = func(pos, oldnode, newnode), --[[
^ Called when a liquid (newnode) is about to flood oldnode, if
^ it has `floodable = true` in the nodedef. Not called for bulk
^ node placement (i.e. schematics and VoxelManip) or air nodes. If
^ return true the node is not flooded, but on_flood callback will
^ most likely be called over and over again every liquid update
^ interval. Default: nil ]]

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HybridDog Apr 22, 2017


Does on_flood also work if l add it to liquid nodes, e.g. flowing water?

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paramat Apr 22, 2017


No, liquids are not 'floodable', if they were they would continuously remove themselves in every liquid node, overloading the liquid queue, very bad idea.

after_place_node = func(pos, placer, itemstack, pointed_thing) --[[
^ Called after constructing node when node was placed using
@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
#include "database.h"
#include "database-dummy.h"
#include "database-sqlite3.h"
#include "script/serverscripting.h"
#include <deque>
#include <queue>
@@ -637,7 +638,8 @@ s32 Map::transforming_liquid_size() {
return m_transforming_liquid.size();

void Map::transformLiquids(std::map<v3s16, MapBlock*> &modified_blocks)
void Map::transformLiquids(std::map<v3s16, MapBlock*> &modified_blocks,
ServerEnvironment *env)
//TimeTaker timer("transformLiquids()");
@@ -897,8 +899,16 @@ void Map::transformLiquids(std::map<v3s16, MapBlock*> &modified_blocks)
// set the liquid level and flow bit to 0

// change the node.

// on_flood() the node
if (floodable_node != CONTENT_AIR) {
if (env->getScriptIface()->node_on_flood(p0, n00, n0))

// Ignore light (because calling voxalgo::update_lighting_nodes)
n0.setLight(LIGHTBANK_DAY, 0, m_nodedef);
n0.setLight(LIGHTBANK_NIGHT, 0, m_nodedef);
@@ -266,7 +266,8 @@ class Map /*: public NodeContainer*/
// For debug printing. Prints "Map: ", "ServerMap: " or "ClientMap: "
virtual void PrintInfo(std::ostream &out);

void transformLiquids(std::map<v3s16, MapBlock*> & modified_blocks);
void transformLiquids(std::map<v3s16, MapBlock*> & modified_blocks,
ServerEnvironment *env);

Node metadata
@@ -178,6 +178,27 @@ void ScriptApiNode::node_on_destruct(v3s16 p, MapNode node)
lua_pop(L, 1); // Pop error handler

bool ScriptApiNode::node_on_flood(v3s16 p, MapNode node, MapNode newnode)

int error_handler = PUSH_ERROR_HANDLER(L);

INodeDefManager *ndef = getServer()->ndef();

// Push callback function on stack
if (!getItemCallback(ndef->get(node).name.c_str(), "on_flood"))
return false;

// Call function
push_v3s16(L, p);
pushnode(L, node, ndef);
pushnode(L, newnode, ndef);
PCALL_RES(lua_pcall(L, 3, 1, error_handler));
lua_remove(L, error_handler);
return (bool) lua_isboolean(L, -1) && (bool) lua_toboolean(L, -1) == true;

void ScriptApiNode::node_after_destruct(v3s16 p, MapNode node)
@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@ class ScriptApiNode
ServerActiveObject *digger);
void node_on_construct(v3s16 p, MapNode node);
void node_on_destruct(v3s16 p, MapNode node);
bool node_on_flood(v3s16 p, MapNode node, MapNode newnode);
void node_after_destruct(v3s16 p, MapNode node);
bool node_on_timer(v3s16 p, MapNode node, f32 dtime);
void node_on_receive_fields(v3s16 p,
@@ -599,7 +599,7 @@ void Server::AsyncRunStep(bool initial_step)
ScopeProfiler sp(g_profiler, "Server: liquid transform");

std::map<v3s16, MapBlock*> modified_blocks;
m_env->getMap().transformLiquids(modified_blocks, m_env);
#if 0
Update lighting

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